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My Favorite Restaurants in San Francisco

I've lived in San Francisco for about 8 years and here are my favorites and what I think you should order!


  • Trattoria Contadina:

Carlesimo! It has a little kick to it but it is so good!

  • Caffe Sport:

This one you have to special order aka off-menu item. The Cioppino Blanco

They usually give you bread and this delicious orange dipping sauce when you first sit down. If they don't, ask for it!


  • El Farolito:

The burritos are a must. I love the carne asada burrito with the green sauce.

There are 2 locations, one in North Beach and one in the Mission. Both are equally good.

  • Croqueta:

They have beautiful drinks here! Get the Gallieon cocktail. It has flowers in it!


Croquetas de Pollo

Gambas de Negra [shrimp head is on it, which is my favorite part]


Salmon Ahumado


  • Chapeau:

Can't go wrong with anything here. The chef is so nice! I loved the cassoulet.

  • Chez Mama:

Burger with Brie Cheese

Mussels with Fries


Pork Chop dish

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