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PhamLee Favorties

My most favorite products 

Ngan's Timeless Favorite Products

Lululemon Dupe Yoga Pants

These pants are the exact same as the Lululemon align pants. They are perfect for us short yoginis. I am 5'1 and it fits me great. It hits right at the ankle. You get the same quality without spending $100 on lululemon align pants. They are so soft and hold everything in place. I LOVE THESE I bought 5 pairs LOL

Best Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

I had this yoga mat over 8 years! It never gotten worn out or broken. I use have mats where little pieces would fall off or it was too thin and hurt my knee. Manduka Pro Yoga mat has the right amount of thickness for knee support and had a lifetime warranty. So if it did get messed up, Manduka will replace it. This mat also is not slippery. It has some texture to it so when you place your hands on it, you will not slip.

Pregnancy Must-Haves Products

Maternity Pants

These pants are the best prenatal yoga pants for short prenatal women.  I love how the waistband grows with you but still hugs you in and makes your legs look skinny!

Prenatal Nausea

These candies helped me get through my first trimester of nausea. I would get car sick and have a permanent weird taste in my mouth. This helped get the weird taste out and keep me from feeling nauseous. Just make sure not to have too many because it made my tongue feel all gritty.


Mommy Must-Haves Products


The best stroller caddy

If you have the Uppa baby stroller, do not buy the stroller caddy that it comes with. It slips everywhere! I highly recommend this stroller caddy. It has multiple compartments and does not slip.


Baby Bathing Chair for Sitting Babies

This Bath chair is suitable for babies who can sit or need support sitting and do not fit in a baby bathtub. It was so hard to wash my baby's hair without getting water in her eyes, so this chair was perfect because it can recline back. Perfect for 9 months - 1 year old

Baby Food Maker

I love this machine. A lot of baby food you buy at the store only has familiar vegetables and certain food combinations. With us being Vietnamese and Chinese I wanted to introduce our daughter to Asian vegetables that they do not sell at the store. This baby food maker is super easy to use and not much clean up. Highly recommend!


Toddler play faucet sink

This toy brings my daughter so much joy! She loves turning on the water and playing with water. It keeps her busy for a long time. The only thing is, it does get a bit messy but remember it's only water!


The BEST sleep sack for babies who scratch their faces during their sleep

This sleep sack is so good for babies who just learned how to turn over. It is so much better than the Merlin Suit. The hands are covered so if your baby wakes themselves up when they move their arms or scratches their face, this will save you precious sleeping!

Best toddler sun hat.jpg

The BEST hat for infants and toddlers for sun protection

I love this hat! The rim is sturdy and frames the baby's face so they can still see while they play. It comes with a drawstring underneath their chin so it won't fly off, but it also has a safety clip where it will not choke them. In addition, it has a drawstring at the back of the hat so it can fit snugly around their head. I also love the back flap because it protects the back of their neck from getting sunburned.

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