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ll Babies are attracted to the color pink! Pink Monkey Teethers are designed to help your little one develop and grow. Helps babies to use their mouth and tongue muscles in fun ways, with two easy-to-grip handles. The back of the pink monkey has a textured finish, meaning this sensory teether is suitable for developing your child's understanding of flavors, temperatures, and textures. This fun-colored pink monkey is BPA free and can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Design: This teether is right-sized for little hands, with built-in handles, and textures to help with developmental growth while satisfying the baby's need to soothe tender gums. Curved handle, easy for baby to grasp, brightly colored teether toys will also help babies identify colors and help them develop dexterity.

Material benefits: Designed with BPA-free silicone to provide a strong, yet soft biting experience. These baby chew toy teething sets are the perfect size for babies to scratch and bite, and the different textures help chew and soothe the baby's gums. For parents, these teethers are easy to clean and can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher and sterilized with boiling water or a sterilizer. The teething playset is made of 100% CPC-approved food-grade silicone, non-toxic, freezer-friendly, and has no sharp edges that could harm your baby.

Development: Mouthing helps babies explore the world using their senses to learn about texture, taste, and temperature and build muscles they will use later in life for eating and speaking

GUM PAIN RELIEF: Babies start teething between 3 and 30 months old. To keep your baby out of pain, our teething toys have grooves and different textures that massage the gums and stimulate tooth growth. Also, you can refrigerate the gutta-percha, the cool temperature will ease baby teeth discomfort.

Cleaning: Easy to wipe clean

CUTE BABY GIFTS: These teething toys can be given to your newborn, nephew, grandchild, or a neighbor or friend's child. They make the best gift ever! Teething toys are popular on Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other gift-giving occasion.

Baby Teething Toys

Teething Baby Relief Nibble Teethers Pink Monkey Silicone Soft-Textured teether

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$9.59Sale Price
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